National City Phlebotomy Instructors

Kayla Markklam

Kayla is currently working on her major in Biology to become certified as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. Kayla has instructed at Phlebotomy Training Specialists for almost a year now and has been nationally certified for seven years.  Ms. Markklam is a highly skilled and experienced phlebotomist/instructor who has worked for multiple locations throughout the San Diego region. Kayla presents herself with knowledge, enthusiasm, and professionalism–not to mention, an incredible work ethic and remarkable attitude!

Pamela Stewart

Pam is currently employed as a phlebotomist. She has been involved in many different endeavors and wear’s many hats. She started her career as a phlebotomist in 1983 training all the new phlebotomist coming into the facility. She was later certified by NCCT. Pam loves being able to make a difference in peoples lives and feels that teaching is very rewarding. She has coached youth track and field for the past 22 years, and has coached athletes that have competed in the Olympics and have won the Gold. Pam is an amazing instructor with many years of teaching and real life experience. She has a patient and calm demeanor that allows students to be comfortable and promotes a healthy learning environment. Pam is also CPR and first aid certified. Additionally, Pam ran a wedding business for ten years. She is a baker with decorating experience and has also taught decorating/wedding planning classes. Pam has many specialties, however teaching is her passion!