Riverside Phlebotomy Instructors

Valerie Snow

Val has worked in the medical lab field for over 15 years. Working in all aspects of the field from pediatrics to geriatric, from outpatient oncology to inpatient sugary. She’s worked in CA, OR & WA. She loves sharing her experience with others and seeing them thrive in the medical field. She’s patient and understanding and loves helping her students. She’s professional, but also loves a good joke & being silly. She has 2 teenagers, 2 schnauzers, and a loving husband.

Annette Lopez

Annette is a resident of the fabulous desert in Southern California. She has been in the medical industry since 2006 and began her career in phlebotomy in 2007. Annette has experience in many different clinical settings ranging from hospitals, VA clinics, Dr. offices, and outpatient laboratories working with patients of all ages. She is a mother of 2 boys, likes to be silly, dance, laugh. Helping others has always been a a great attribute of hers. She loves to help others feel confident at ease and happy. She has much to share about her experiences in phlebotomy and cant wait to meet you, and guide you into the wonderful world of phlebotomy.

Rudy Mozqueda

Rudy has lived in California all his life. He started his phlebotomy career in 2012 on a dare. Before he switched to the medical field, he owned a Remote control Hobby Shop. As sales became less and less, his son’s Nanny, who did a phlebotomy course at Victor Valley Community ROP program, dared Rudy to sign up and give it a try. So he did. Rudy since then has become so passionate that he wants to share all that Phlebotomy has to offer. Teach and share the wealth. Rudy has also began to further his medical career and completed a Respiratory Practitioners program and is looking forward in passing the NBRC National test as well as the clinical simulations test. Rudy loves the ocean and is an avid fisherman. He is also an Advanced Scuba diver and also loves riding his motorcycle. Rudy has one pet by the name of Gamera. Gamera is a 15 year old, 50 lb African Spured Tortious who lives in the back yard. Sit with him a while and hear all of his many life stories.