Riverside Phlebotomy Instructors

Valerie Snow

Val has worked in the medical lab field for over 15 years. Working in all aspects of the field from pediatrics to geriatric, from outpatient oncology to inpatient sugary. She’s worked in CA, OR & WA. She loves sharing her experience with others and seeing them thrive in the medical field. She’s patient and understanding and loves helping her students. She’s professional, but also loves a good joke & being silly.
She has 2 teenagers, 2 schnauzers, and a loving husband.

Liana Silva-Huckabay

Liana joined the phlebotomy field 23 years ago as a senior in college. She has been in the medical laboratory since. She enjoys the field and has taken advantage of the numerous benefits that her employers have offered. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2019 and her Masters’s degree in 2020. She is excited to be part of the learning experience of anyone with an interest in the clinical laboratory setting. Liana enjoys the three C’s of Life: Camping, Cruising, and Cooking.