West Covina Phlebotomy Instructors

Kimberly Isaacs

Kimberly is currently a senior phlebotomist and a former forensic phlebotomist. Kimberly is a dedicated, compassionate and hard working employee.  She is very passionate about her students. Making sure they truly understand as they learn phlebotomy. She strives to establish a great rapport with all her students in the short amount of time she is with them. With all of her experience and her compassion she relates well with her students. After, completion of the course all her students have the confidence to move forward into the medical field as a phlebotomist.

Deshalle (Shelly) Thomas-Morgan

Shelly is a experienced phlebotomist as well as a Student. She is majoring in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Sociology. Shelly has a broad spectrum of experience in the Phlebotomy field, and with this experience she helps students hone in on their strengths. During this course it is her goal to guide students with confidence to become successful phlebotomists.

Yvonne Blanco

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