Our Flexible Payment Plan

How It Works

Here at Phlebotomy Training Specialists, we understand that each person is different so we offer a flexible payment plan! Because we are a private institution, we DO NOT accept financial aid, but we do have a flexible payment plan, and we accept vouchers from third-party payers who can pay for private education.

The way that our flexible payment plan works is instead of paying the full price for the course, you can secure your spot by paying only the deposit that is required for the location where you want to attend class. You will then have from the day you pay the deposit up until the last few days of your class to get the remaining balance paid off. (For California students this means by the last day of your training NOT by the last day of your externship).

You have the freedom to decide when you would like to make your payments and how big or small to make your payments just as long as the remaining balance is paid off in full a few days before the last day of class. You will not be able to take the National Exam if you are not paid in full. Your payments can be made online through your student portal or over the phone with Student Services.