High blood pressure can be one of the primary cause of erectile dysfunction

Many patients who experience sexual problems are unaware of the correlation between chronically high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.

Lots of people might think that an increased supply of blood or an increased force or pressure of blood is helpful for something like producing the erection and maintaining it.

In theory, it seems logical, but there are some negative consequences and damaging effects of chronically high blood pressure when not treated.

That being said, we should also understand that the blood pressure and rising or falling are just an adaptive response to stress. We don’t necessarily want to suppress how the body is handling the blood pressure because that could also lead to new and perhaps even worse issues than the high blood pressure and of itself.

So there’s a couple of things we want to understand first and foremost about blood pressure.

First and foremost, the regulation or the handling of blood pressure is just one of the many adaptive or regulatory systems that the body has. Meaning that it fluctuates based on the homeostasis of your body.


For example, one of the major reasons that blood pressure becomes chronically elevated is due to chronic underlying stress.

Like many other things in the body, in regards to the regulatory functions of the body, the blood pressure is going to rise in response to stress.

This is actually helpful, and this is something that you’d want your body to do. Because your body becomes stressed ore more aged, the body’s metabolism starts to slow down the cells function less optimally, and generally speaking, the whole body doesn’t work as efficiently.

So increasing the pressure of the blood in a stressed body can be very helpful. In many cases, it might save your life. There have even been experiments done where elderly people whose blood pressure didn’t rise in proportion to the aging, actually died significantly earlier than those whose blood pressure did rise as they age.

This means that if you’re an older person in your 80s and you have low blood pressure, rising it can increase your risk of mortality or death. This is due to the fact that an aged person’s metabolism an entire body doesn’t function optimally slower everything slowed down in the body, and increasing the pressure of the blood can help supply the various cells, organs, and tissues with the nutrients and hormones.

You don’t necessarily want just to depress high blood pressure. What you do want to do is take a look at what’s causing your blood pressure to be chronically high, especially if you’re a younger person.


So the truth is it’s actually normal to have high blood pressure when you’re either older or if you’re stressed. If your blood pressure is not rising during stress, it could lead to heart attack, stroke in a wide variety of other issues. Again, it could even increase your risk of mortality or death.

You should take a look at what’s causing be chronically stressed. It could be a low salt diet, and it could be dieting in general, doing too much exercise or your exercise is too intense, it could be psychological stressors, sleep stress, environmental stress, etc.

The more intelligent thing to do would take a look at the underlying causative factors for the high blood pressure and modulate your lifestyle, so that way your body is not in a chronic state of stress increases your blood pressure at a young age.

There are consequences of chronic high blood pressure, especially in youth between the 30s and 50s.

One of the things that can occur is vascular damage. If your blood has an increased supply pressure all the time, you can look at it as your veins being sort of like hoses in the blood being water. If the water or the blood is chronically flowing through your vascular system at an increased rate and pressure, causing your veins and your vascular system to bulge, it can actually lead to vascular and capillary damage. Over the long term, as a consequence of chronically high blood pressure, this could actually lead to a ton of different vascular issues. And one symptom of vascular damage could be erectile dysfunction.

As ViaQX (leading online pharmacy that offers drugs for ED treatment) noted, the basic thing you need for a healthy erection is good blood flow. But there are many things that come into play in regards to the physiology of good blood flow, especially to the penile shaft.


A lot of this has to do with the proper relaxation of the smooth muscle walls or cells throughout the vascular system or the veins flowing throughout the penile shaft.

If the blood pressure is chronically elevated, it can damage the microvascular circulatory of veins in the penis, and it can also lead to them being incapable of relaxing. If the smooth muscle cells in the penile shaft are incapable of relaxing, then they’re incapable of vasodilating.

Think about it, a constricted vein is going to be tighter and smaller, and this can happen over time a response to the high blood pressure. The vascular system wants to tighten up and constrict more actually to try to slow down the pressure of the blood if it’s flowing chronically.

In fewer words, chronically high blood pressure can damage the vascular system directly, causing oxidative stress, but it can also impair the relaxation of the smooth muscle in the penile shaft making your penis incapable of vasodilation that would ensure good blood flow.

So what can we do about it well again we don’t want to just rely on medications that suppress the blood pressure. Although this might be helpful in the short term, you’re ultimately impairing an aspect of your body and mate intelligence. Again, low blood pressure or not having that response to increased blood pressure in a stressful situation could lead to death or some sort of heart attack.


However, what you can do in addition to correcting and looking at underlying stressors in your life that might be causing that blood to boil.

So if you have that kind of problem, you should talk to your healthcare provider so he/she could make some recommendations that can help your body get back to normal during a state of stress. That way, your blood pressure can regulate and normalize without necessarily having to force your body into lowering blood pressure.

Of course, he/she can prescribe some meds that can help your body to get back into balance – mostly cope with stress. And by managing stress and making your body less biologically stressed, it’s having this beneficial effect on the blood pressure, which in turn down the line could be very beneficial for erectile dysfunction.