Indianapolis Phlebotomy Instructors

Amber Hall

Amber is a lifelong resident of Indiana. She started her career in the medical field in 2003 as a certified nurse’s assistant and moved into phlebotomy in 2006. Amber is currently working on obtaining her degree in Medical Assisting through Penn Foster. Amber has worked for several laboratory companies, including LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, the Indiana Blood Center, and Apps Paramedical services. She has experience every type of patient, but her favorite to work with is geriatrics. Amber and her husband Bobby have an 11 year old son, 3 large dogs, and a sugar glider. In her spare time she loves to camp, watch old (black and white) movies, and travel. Amber is energetic, fun loving, and can’t wait to meet you and share her knowledge and experiences with you.

Teaonna Harris

Teaonna (“Miss Tea”) is a lifelong resident of Indianapolis. She started her phlebotomy career after receiving training in 2005 from Med Tech College, quickly catching onto the skill, she found it to be very rewarding & continued with no reluctance. She’s worked in a myriad of healthcare settings. Enjoying geriatrics, gerontology & oncology mostly. Simply enjoying the challenges that arise with the patients encountered. “Miss Tea” has 2 daughters & a grandson who she spoils unapologetically! “Miss Tea” loves to cook & because so is usually in charge of hosting all family gatherings. She also loves to read, listen to all genres of music, sing and dance! She’s known for her down-to-earth personality, wittiness & sarcastic sense of humor. Valued by her colleagues, close friends & family for being resourceful & always seeming to say the right things at the right time. She’s enthusiastic, thoughtful, and can’t wait to relay some of the tips & tricks she’s learned throughout her career!