Oklahoma City Phlebotomy Instructors

Danielle Lopez

Danielle started her phlebotomy career in 2010 straight out of high school in Texas. First working at a hospital where she learned different techniques for patients newborn to geriatric from her coworkers and now life long friends. She went to work at a doctors office with LabCorp for 6 years then to Clinical pathology laboratories. February of 2020 she moved with her husband and three kids to Oklahoma where she now works at a fast paced urgent care. She is very confident and passionate about phlebotomy, lab, making patients happy and teaching others to do the same. She is very happy and excited to have you in her class and cannot wait to teach you the world of phlebotomy.

Krista Muise

Krista started her phlebotomy career at the Oklahoma Blood Institute as a phlebotomist in 2014. She excelled as a phlebotomist and was often given the most difficult sticks. In 2017 she wanted to learn and do more, so she became an Apheresis technician and specialized in Platelets and 2RBCs procedures. It all was coming so easy to her so in 2018 she also became a Training Assistant working hands on with trainees. To further her knowledge in the field of phlebotomy she became a phlebotomy instructor in 2019. She has an upbeat personality, excellent customer service and loves to take care of the patients/donors. Krista has a passion for teaching and wants everyone to enjoy it like she does.  She is very excited to have you in her class and looks forward to teaching you everything about phlebotomy.