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The courses taken through “Phlebotomy Training Specialists”, “Utah EKG Training”, and the “IV Training Center” all fall under the same Terms and  Conditions as are outlined on this page.

The courses range in price from $195.00 to $495.00 and require between 12 and 36 hours of attendance to complete.

Our Trainers:

Brian Treu – Brian is the Founder of Phlebotomy Training Specialists, The IV Training Center, and Utah EKG Training Centers.  He has extensive knowledge in the medical industry having spent the last 18.5 years working in medicine. He was the founder of Blood Education Center, a consumer direct blood testing service, which when sold was the largest consumer direct blood evaluation services in the United States.  He understands all facets of medicine, the systems tied thereto, and got this knowledge from perfecting the extraction of blood over the last 18.5 years performing in excess of 255 Phase I-IV Pharmaceutical Research Studies, specializing in Phase I, during which time he did over 250,000+ blood draws, 25,000+ Intravenous Line placements and 12,000+ Electrocardiograms.
Amanda Fullerton – Amanda is currently studying to be a Physicians Assistant at the University of Utah, she is also working towards her Masters degree at Westminster College. Amanda IS the definition of an overachiever.  Amanda has a photographic memory and amazes classrooms full of 50 plus students by remembering all of their names and a fact about them on the first night of class after only 30 minutes with them.  Amanda brings an incredibly steady hand, wonderful disposition and years of Phlebotomy experience to the table when she teaches. Amanda’s specialties include butterflies on the elderly and pediatric patients. She is currently working as a Phlebotomy lead at a top Children’s Hospital in Utah.  There are not too many better than Amanda.
Kaaron Muir – CPT/ASCP – Kaaron has worked for a major laboratory in Salt Lake City for nearly 14 years.  Kaaron started out as a Phlebotomist, moved to become a trainer, spent a year in exceptional handling, and was a Phlebotomy Trainer for  two years. She has also served as a technical supervisor in Phlebotomy for the last four years. She has just recently changed to become the administrative supervisor for phlebotomy and support services at ARUP, the largest pathology testing center in the world. Before this Kaaron was a supervisor for an Out Patient Lab at the Evanston Hospital in Illinois.  Kaaron has presented at the Utah CLMA/ASCLS conference and was selected as a speaker for ThinkLab 2000 in Tampa, Florida.  Kaaron is currently the director or Phlebotomy and Support services at ARUP and is a wonderful addition to the PTS training team.
Nathan Jensen – CPT/ASCP – Nathan currently works for ARUP Laboratories.  He has 10 years of phlebotomy experience, two of them being a Plasmapheresis Tech for Serologicals, and eight being at ARUP. During his eight years with ARUP Nathan has filled several positions including Phlebotomist, Phlebotomy trainer, Phlebotomy Lead, and now Exception Handling Lead.  He also has extensive knowledge in phlebotomy, phlebotomy technique, neonatal phlebotomy, specimen processing, and specimen handling. In addition to his career accomplishments Nathan is looking to further his career by obtaining a Business Management degree at the University of Phoenix. He has already completed 3 years of his program and hopes to graduate by August of 2012.  Nathan indeed is a great phlebotomist that has excellent skills to match his experience.  He enjoys phlebotomy, but relishes in teaching it more.
Sandro Noble – CPT/NAPT – Sandro has been teaching for Phlebotomy Training Specialists for almost three years and loves teaching for us.  He is currently at the University of Utah finishing his exercise and sports science degree and also working on his pre-med classes with the goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.  He has worked in Phlebotomy in the hospital setting and in Plasma donation.  His phlebotomy experience and his precision and regard to detail make him a great teacher and an even more incredible Phlebotomist.

Brent Buttars – CPT/NAPT – Brent is currently working in Pharmaceutical Research at Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah Campus.  Brent graduated from Phlebotomy Training Specialists 4 years ago and has been on a Phlebotomy rampage ever since. He is currently in the Masters degree program at the University of Utah and has an amazing work and school schedule, we are lucky to have him training for PTS with his busy schedule.  Brent has one of the most even keeled demeanors of anyone you have ever met. Students LOVE having Brent on the staff at PTS, but don’t let his height scare you, he’s about as nice and gentle as you could ever find in a trainer.

Emily Frampton – CPT/NAPT – Emily is currently studying Biochemistry at Utah State University working on her undergraduate degree and preparing to go to Medical School to become an anesthesiologist.  Emily received her phlebotomy training through Phlebotomy Training Specialists and is a Nationally Certified Phlebotomist. She is a knowledgeable instructor having numerous experiences in the health care field. She currently works as a researcher for the Johnson Lab at Utah State University and is very knowledgeable. Emily is enthusiastic, personable, and brings a passion for Phlebotomy to the classroom.

Tina Easter- Tina has been working in the world of Phlebotomy for a solid 5 years. She is currently the day time supervisor for a large Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City and has been a lead there for about 3-1/2 years. Prior to her current position she worked as a “one man show” in an outpatient lab. Tina was responsible for registering the patients, ordered the correct supplies needed, drew all the patients blood and then processed the blood for testing behind the scenes. She always loves staying busy and doing a great job for her employers, and Tina is one of the best there is at using the butterfly needle.

Kirstie Jarrett – CPT/NAPT – Kirstie has been a Nationally certified Phlebotomist since February 2009.  She has worked in many facets of medicine in her first few years of Phlebotomy and has scaled the ladder of success very quickly.  She is currently a pre-med student at the University of Utah and is excelling at the top of her class.  She has been working at Associated Regional & University Pathologists at the University of Utah Medical Center for just over one year.

Ariel Ontiveros – CPT/NAPT – Ariel was certified as a medical assistant in High School, and is a graduate of the Phlebotomy Training Specialists National Certification Class and I.V Training Center’s IV certification class. She is currently working as an MA at Valley Mental Health, and at the family practice clinic, Valley Family Medicine. Her skills include drawing blood for labs, perfoeming urinalysis, culturing, doing injections, and checking vitals. Ariel started out doing overnight Oximetry with Apria Home health services, with only medical billing background experience. After a short time of working for Apria she stepped in to be an assistant Phlebotomy instructor. My overall goal is to become certified in EMS and pursue a career in Respiratory Therapy.

Adam Swan – CPT/NAPT – Adam is an Exercise Science major in his third year at Brigham Young University and preparing to attend medical school in just over a year. Adam is focusing on his upper level science classes this semester and plans to get accepted to medical school shortly thereafter. He plans on studying anesthesiology and hopes someday to be an Anesthesiologist. He is an INCREDIBLE Phlebotomist and brings a few years of experience to the table when he trains. He loves thinking through the Phlebotomy procedure and helping students understand the procedure each in their own specific way, truly one of our best trainers.

In order to successfully complete this course, each student will be required have to satisfactorily perform the tasks correlated to the function in which they are training. Written testing is also required.

Quizzes / Exams will be given during class, you must pass these exams. You will be given an opportunity to take the quizzes / exams multiple times if needs be as remedial training.  If the entire course is completed satisfactorily, a certificate of training will be awarded to the student on the last night of class.

Payment plans are offered with course attendance and are outlined as follows:  Tuition may be paid in any one of two formats.

Option # 1 – Tuition paid in full prior to the first day of class.
Option # 2 – A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 paid on or before the first day of class. The balance paid prior end of the instruction.  Payment plans available.

Note : You will not receive your certificate of training until the course is paid for in full.

Phlebotomy Training Specialists, The I.V. Training Center and Utah EKG Training Centers are conducting training sessions as a post secondary education facility.  Therefore we do require that students who enroll in the program possess a minimum of a high school diploma, General Education Development (GED) Certificate, and be beyond the age of compulsory high school attendance.

Students may be allowed to enroll without meeting this requirement but will be pre-screened by the management of the company to ensure they have the capacity to complete the program ad that they are on course to graduate High School.

We do not grant credit to students for other courses taken in the field for which they are attending the programs for training. Each course is a stand-alone course and no reduced tuition, nor will reduced hours of participation will be given.

Attendance is mandatory for all students regardless of their current level of knowledge.  This course is not graded, it is a pass/fail course and lack of attendance can affect your ability to obtain a passing grade.  Contact the instructor and request to complete that portion of the course you have missed.
It is the student’s responsibility to find out, where and when that portion of the course is being offered.

We reserve the right to dismiss any student that continually disrupts the course work and training. Any dismissed student may gain re-entry into the course by contacting the owner of the school and discussing classroom etiquette with them on an individual basis.

We do not offer formal placement assistance but will consult with you on potential employers in your geographical areas.  We do not guarantee wage or salary levels for this type of training.

If a student requests a refund within 72 hours of the first night of class in writing, email will suffice, we will refund 50% of their tuition, not to exceed $250.00. The balance of the tuition will be kept by the institution.  That tuition can be applied to other programs or the same class within one year of their initial start date. Any requests for additional tuition to be returned to the student is at the discretion of the school after the first 72 hours of class has transpired.

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