Fort Worth Phlebotomy Instructors

Belinda Russel


Tanya Carr

Tanya is originally from Mississippi, where she went to school and started her phlebotomy career. After moving to Texas in 1996, she began working with the American Red Cross as a phlebotomist and Apheresis Tech. She is certified through the National Phlebotomy Certification. She has worked for several hospitals, plasma center, office phlebotomist, phlebotomy trainer and assistant manager. Tanya is a skilled phlebotomist and detailed person. Tanya has one daughter, Talar who is attending school to become a surgical tech. She loves traveling back to Mississippi to spend time with family and friends and playing her Xbox 360. Tanya cannot wait to start her career as an instructor and meet all the wonderful students that is ready to start in this amazing career as a phlebotomist.

Sherille Williams

Traveling Phlebotomist, ER Tech, Author

Sherille is from NYC born and raised in the Bronx. She started phlebotomy in 2010 and did not think she would be so great at it. She is certified thru the NHA. Sherille has traveled to different hospitals as a traveling phlebotomist which makes her have a huge impact on how to deal with many different patients. Sherille loves sharing the crazy ER stories she’s experienced as an Emergency room technician as well. Sherille has had a phenomenal reputation with doctors and nurses making her very likely to be remembered even by her patients. Sherille used her painful experience watching her mom with MS as a way of treating every patient with care and love and laughs. She treats every patient as if they are her own family. Sherille has a loving fiancé by the name of LaMelle, who is the love of her life. Sherille loves to writes books and has three published books. Sherille is encouraging and cares for each person she meets. She cannot wait to share her knowledge and hopes it will help people to be there for each other in times of hope.