Orem Phlebotomy Instructors

Matthew Migdat

Matthew Migdat is currently working on obtaining his Biology degree from Brigham Young University. In the Biology department, he has worked on many research projects that require extremely skilled hands. This skill has quickly transferred over to phlebotomy leading him to be one of the more accurate phlebotomist. Matt is extremely dedicated to the health field and is constantly trying to increase his knowledge about the human body. He hopes to become a doctor someday in order to save and impact as many lives as he possibly can.

Allie Proctor

Allie Proctor is currently in the Exercise Science program at Brigham Young University preparing to become a physician assistant. Allie attended Phlebotomy Training Specialists and is Nationally certified in Phlebotomy. She has also received her I.V. training and certification from PTS as well. Allie offers a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to teaching. She provides a sense of comfort and ease in her classroom that will allow students to be encouraged and learn in an effective, successful manner.

Nicole Valenzuela

Bio coming