SLC Phlebotomy Instructors

Annette Felix

Annette Felix, is currently a Lab Technician / Phlebotomist. Annette Felix attended Phlebotomy Training Specialists and has been Nationally certified in Phlebotomy for a number of years now. She received her CMA and Phlebotomist training and certification from Salt Lake Community Collage, and is a certified CPR instructor for the AHA. Annette Felix, brings a lot of teaching experience and enthusiasm to the table and has a steady hand when it comes to drawing blood.

Patti Reno

Working in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and various doctor’s offices has given Patti years of invaluable phlebotomy experience. Patti has also been a teacher of yoga for 18 years, and was on staff at Inbody Yoga Teacher Training Academy for several years, teaching others how to teach yoga. Her teaching experience combined with her phlebotomy skills makes Patti a passionate and well-rounded phlebotomy teacher.

McCaslynn Bradshaw

McCaslynn is someone dedicated to helping and serving those around her. She strives to go above and beyond to help her students learn the material and to build confidence. She is currently a Senior and Brigham Young University studying Exercise Science and preparing to go to PA school. She has a passion for Phlebotomy and is always looking for ways to improve.