Bakersfield Phlebotomy School Classes

Bakersfield Phlebotomy Class

Tuition and Fees

  • Class Tuition & Fees

  • National Exam Fee

  • Insurance

  • Total for Tuition & Exam Fee

  • $250 deposit required to guarantee your seat in the class of your choice.
  • Deposit is non-refundable after the three day cancellation period ends.
  • Full Tuition and Fees are due halfway through your class.
  • Need more time to pay? Flexible payment options are available! Call Student Services at 701-404-9434 to discuss available options for extension.

Class Schedules

National AM Class

Time: 9am-1pm
10 classes total
Monday-Thursday for 3 weeks

National PM Class

Time: 6pm-10pm
10 classes total
Monday-Thursday for 3 weeks

National WKD Class

Time: 8am-4:30pm
5 classes total
Saturdays for 5 weeks

ECG Class – Now Enrolling!

20 hours of Class
Less than half the cost of phlebotomy
Become dual certified! Click here to view our ECG Classes!
*See below to register for one of our next upcoming courses.
Class Structure
  1. 40 hours of didactic in-class phlebotomist training.

  2. National Exam – scheduled at your convenience after you complete class.

  3. 40-hour externship scheduled after you get your exam results (Completed in one week – Not available on Saturday)

  4. All paperwork will then be sent to corporate for processing.

  5. Processed paperwork returned so you can apply and gain your California Phlebotomy License – CPT1

  1. Must be at least 18 years old or older.

  2. Must be a High School graduate or equivalent thereof. We will ask for proof of this.

  3. Previous experience is NOT required.

Flexible Payment Plan

At PTS, we understand that each person has a unique set of circumstances, and we want students to find a payment option that works for them!

Payment Policies

Our payment plan works by requiring ONLY the deposit to register and secure a seat in class. Students will then have from the day they pay the deposit up until halfway through their class to pay their remaining balance.

We offer our students the freedom to decide when they would like to make payments. Payments can be made conveniently online with any major credit card at any time through the Student Portal, or over the phone with Student Services.

Other Options?

  • Students may apply for financing upon request, this can be done by calling Student Services at 701-404-9434.
  • We allow students to register up to 3 months in advance. This allows students to make incremental payments before their classes begin.
  • If you get in a bind, no problem! Our student services are open six days a week to discuss available options for extension at 844-931-1348.

Financial Aid and Government Funds

Because we are a private institution, we DO NOT accept financial aid, however, we DO accept vouchers from third-party payers who are willing to pay for private education.

Externship Info


In the State of California, the California Department of Public Health requires every person wanting to become a licensed CPT1 Phlebotomist to perform a forty (40) hour volunteer externship at a state licensed and LFS approved facility as part of their education.

After you complete the Didactic portion of your education, provide proof of your NHA passing exam score, and execute the required Code of Ethics and other compliance documents, you will be cleared to be scheduled for your clinical externship. The externship team will then reach out to you to work out the details.

Phlebotomy Training Specialists (PTS) already has hundreds of approved sites and working agreements with approved sites all throughout the State of California to accommodate the state externship requirement.

Every Externship environment will vary in type and experience.  You will serve a minimum of forty (40) hours in a clinical setting. The experience should include the performance of venipunctures, skin punctures, observation of arterial punctures and the completion of the California Statement of Phlebotomy Practical Training signed by an MD, DO, PA, RN, CLB, CLS, or CPT.

Once all required documents are uploaded into your portal, PTS will work to find you an Externship. Please note that placement time can vary from three weeks to three months depending on your location in California.  Externships are typically done in one continuous week, Monday through Friday.  You will likely volunteer five (5) eight (8) hour shifts for five (5) consecutive days (typically 8am – 5pm or 9am – 6pm), which will meet the 40-hour State of California licensing requirement.  You have two (2) Years from the date you pass your NHA exam to complete your Externship and submit your certification documents to the State to get your licensing.

If you want PTS to consider your place of employment as an externship location, the facility must meet the following State of California requirements:


  • The site must draw blood at the facility
  • The blood draws must be a cross section of clientele
  • The blood draws must not be for research
  • The blood draws must be tested at a laboratory
  • The Site’s CLIA Number must be active and
  • They must have a current license to perform phlebotomy
Current Phlebotomy Jobs in California! *Compiled from various websites weekly

Bakersfield Location

4560 California Ave
Suite 205
Bakersfield, CA 93309

Phlebotomy in Bakersfield, California

phlebotomy-jobs-in-westminster-los-angeles-californiaPhlebotomy in Bakersfield, California is rapidly becoming a popular career choice. Phlebotomy is a great skill to learn and the career outlook is great. Students both young and mature are seeking out classes to get started. Here are some stats about California supporting why becoming a phlebotomist in California is a good path:

  1. California ranks #4 nationwide for the highest percentage of adults with either an Associate’s degree or college experience, so training and education are important for employers.
  2. California also boasts a fairly low unemployment rate of 4.1% as of September 2018, compared with the national unemployment rate that same month of 3.7%. Getting some job training like phlebotomy is essential to obtaining gainful employment.
  3. Between, and, there are currently 5,465 phlebotomy jobs that need to be filled in the state of California.

Now that the baby boomer generation has flooded the medical system, phlebotomists are in great demand. The career outlook is bright for phlebotomy in Bakersfield, CA, and it’s also a great start for those interested in pursuing further interests in the medical field like nursing.

Our phlebotomy training course will give you hands-on training on how to draw blood and teach you to skills you need to pass the National Phlebotomy Exam. In our Phlebotomy courses, students are trained to become competent for an entry-level position as a Phlebotomist Technician in the medical field. Our Phlebotomy training program in Bakersfield CA will help you get your phlebotomy certification so that you can get a full-time job as a Phlebotomist in California.