Denver Phlebotomy School Classes

Denver Phlebotomy Class Structure

32-Hour National Class – Phlebotomist Training

  • Class Tuition

  • National Exam Fee

  • Total for Tuition & Exam Fee


$200 deposit required to guarantee your seat in the class of your choice.

National Evening – 6pm to 10pm – Tuesdays & Wednesdays – 8 classes total
National Day – 9am to 1pm – Tuesdays & Wednesdays – 8 classes total
National Weekend – 8am to 4:30pm – Saturdays – 4 classes total

**In November & December the AM & PM classes run Monday – Thursday for 2 weeks to avoid Holiday conflicts.

Current Phlebotomy Jobs in Colorado! *Compiled from various websites weekly

Denver Location

3600 South Beeler St.
Denver, Colorado 80237

Phlebotomy in Denver, Colorado


phlebotomy-jobs-in-denver-coloradoPhlebotomy in Denver, Colorado is rapidly becoming a popular career choice. Phlebotomy is a great skill to learn and the career outlook is great. Students both young and mature are seeking out classes to get started. Here are some stats about Colorado supporting why becoming a phlebotomist in Colorado is a good path:

  1. Colorado ranks #9 nationwide for the highest percentage of adults with either an Associate’s degree or college experience, so training and education are important for employers.
  2. Colorado also boasts a fairly low unemployment rate of 3.1% as of September 2018, compared with the national unemployment rate that same month of 3.7%. Getting some job training like phlebotomy is essential to obtaining gainful employment.
  3. In the Denver, Colorado area, about 2.5% of total employment belongs to Healthcare Support roles like phlebotomists, according to the Bureau of Labor as of May 2017.
  4. Between, and, there are currently 878 phlebotomy jobs that need to be filled in the state of Colorado.
  5. The mean average salary for Phlebotomists in the Denver, Colorado area as of May 2017 was $16.95/hr, compared to a national average of $16.69/hr. However, salary depends on the company hiring, with some places paying $15.32/hr, while there are other companies paying upwards of $23.57/hr. in the Denver area.

Now that the baby boomer generation has flooded the medical system, phlebotomists are in great demand. The career outlook is bright for phlebotomy in Denver and it’s also a great start for those interested in pursuing further interests in the medical field like nursing.