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Utah Phlebotomy Certification Class

40 Hours In Class

Class Structure:

  1. 40 hours of book and intensive hands on phlebotomist training
  2. National Exam given during last class

Phlebotomy Training Specialists program is 40 hours in length, during which time you will receive all of the book and hands-on training that you need to be ready for the workforce right out of class. The hands-on training, lab processing, quantity of blood draws, VeinViewer usage, coupled with amazing trainers and just the right amount of book training, ensures you will be successful.


This is a fast-paced learning environment, but students always have the option to return to the class or attend alternate classes, free of charge once they have completed the class and attended one time. If you fail the National Examination in this state, we will pay for you to take it a second time, which is just like a pass guarantee. Enroll today in the most exciting and energetic Phlebotomy Training class in America.

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Deciding to pursue a career in phlebotomy is a smart move, especially since the demand for these specialists has been growing over the years. The first step to becoming a phlebotomist is enrolling in a phlebotomy training program to acquire adequate skills and knowledge to practice and handle patients.


As the leading phlebotomy training experts in Utah, Phlebotomy Training Specialists is a favorite among those looking to make a mark in the health care field. Not only will you receive hands-on training in phlebotomy, but you will get to study in state-of-the-art classrooms with our highly professional instructors. 


Benefits of a Career in Phlebotomy

While the idea of puncturing people’s veins with a needle may be repelling, successfully studying and qualifying as a phlebotomist will set you up for life. There are many perks to choosing a career in phlebotomy. They include:


In-demand Profession

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for phlebotomists is expected to grow by 22% between 2020 and 2030. Due to the ever-increasing demand for phlebotomists, you won’t struggle as much to land a job.


Short Training Period

Unlike most medical courses, (some of which take years to qualify and get certified), you’ll only need to study for about six weeks or 40 hours to become a certified phlebotomist. 


Exciting and Impactful

Since a phlebotomist can work alongside almost every medical professional, you’ll rarely be bored at work. Once certified, your services are always needed in hospitals, research laboratories, blood donor centers, and private medical practices.  Better yet, you get to meet different people each day, whose lives you’ll improve and impact with your skills


Good Pay

According to data, the average pay for a phlebotomist in Utah is $19.17 per hour, which averages to an annual income of about $34,723 per year. You’ll also enjoy benefits such as 401(k), health insurance, flexible schedule, and paid leave, among others. 

Why Study at Phlebotomy Training Specialists?

As the leading phlebotomy training experts in the state of Utah, there are many reasons why we are the preferred choice among phlebotomists. Some of the benefits of studying at PTS include:


Hands-on experience – At Phlebotomy Training Specialists we believe that to excel in phlebotomy, you need practical training to complement the theory done in class. Consequently, our highly trained instructors will equip you with the practical skills that you can apply even on your first day at the lab.


Innovative technology – Our modern classrooms are equipped with VeinViewer™, which is an innovative device that helps all our students understand human anatomy by seeing through the body’s skin to view the layout of veins. This technology is used to make drawing blood easier for the phlebotomist and patient. 


Flexible payment schedules – At Phlebotomy Training Specialists, we acknowledge the prevailing circumstances in every student’s life. To accommodate every student’s financial muscle, we are always open to a payment plan. To secure a seat in the class, you’ll only need to pay a deposit to register for a class, and the balance cleared on the first day of class. The booking is valid for up to three months.


High pass rate – Phlebotomy Training Specialists has the highest pass rate of over 92% for all its students that sit down for the National Healthcare Certification Organization (NHCO) exam. The test is administered on the last day of class. 

Phlebotomy Certification Requirements in Utah

Utah is among the many states in the US where phlebotomy certification is required for one to practice. However, to grow in the field and earn better pay, you’ll need a license from an accredited institute such as Phlebotomy Training Specialists. 


To register for a phlebotomy course at Phlebotomy Training Specialists, you will need to be 18 years and above. You will also need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Better yet, no previous experience is needed for phlebotomy training in Utah.  


Phlebotomy Class Schedules in Utah

Phlebotomy Training Specialists offers flexible class schedules with options in the morning, evening, and weekend classes. The morning classes run from 9 am to 1 pm and you’ll need 8 classes that run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 4 weeks. If you opt for evening classes, the sessions run from 6 pm to 10 pm, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for four weeks.  The weekend classes start at 8 am and end at 4.30 pm every Saturday, and those in this class require 4 weeks to complete the course.


Start Your Career in Phlebotomy Today

Phlebotomy Training Specialists has built a reputation of excellence and well-trained graduates, with over 20,000 having completed the phlebotomy course over the years. Our phlebotomy technician program is available in 3 locations in Utah; Clearfield, Logan, and Orem. We always have courses running throughout the year and joining us will get you a step closer to succeeding and being one of the best phlebotomists in Utah and beyond.

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