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Illinois Phlebotomy Certification Class

48 Hours In Class

Class Structure:

  1. 48 hours of book and intensive hands on phlebotomist training
  2. National Exam given during last class

Phlebotomy Training Specialists program is 48 hours in length, during which time you will receive all of the book and hands on training that you need to be ready for the workforce right out of class. The hands on training, lab processing, quantity of blood draws, VeinViewer usage, coupled with amazing trainers and just the right amount of book training, ensures you will be successful. This is a fast paced learning environment, but students always have the option to return to the class, or attend alternate classes, free of charge once they have completed the class and attended one time. If you fail the National Examination in this state, we will pay for you to take it a second time, which is just like a pass guarantee. Enroll today to start your career in phlebotomy soon!

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Phlebotomy Training Specialists is not accredited by a US Department of Education recognized accrediting body.


Phlebotomy Training Specialists is approved to operate by the Private Business and Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

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Phlebotomists, also called Certified Phlebotomy Technicians or CBTs, draw and process blood samples from your veins. These blood draws are also called venipuncture, and doctors use the testing results to help diagnose medical conditions. Technicians also draw blood for blood and plasma donations, research, and transfusions.


Phlebotomy Training Specialists (PTS) offers complete phlebotomy training courses in 50 locations in 22 states.  And, with three Chicago locations to choose from, you don’t have to travel far to begin your phlebotomy career.


Where Do Phlebotomists Work?

Most phlebotomists work in general medical or surgical hospitals or in medical or diagnostic laboratories. Others work in private physician offices and ambulatory services. Illinois ranked 5th in the number of employed phlebotomists with 6,330 venipuncture technicians. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 22 percent increase in the need for phlebotomists by 2030.


How Much Do Phlebotomists Earn?

The average wage for a phlebotomist in Illinois is $18.34 per hour or $38,570 annually. This is somewhat higher than the national median annual wage of $37,380 for phlebotomy technicians. Since many phlebotomists work within larger medical systems, it is often the benefits package that lures them into the field.


Compensation Benefits

Many benefits packages include perks above basic medical, dental, and vision benefits. This includes (but is not limited to):


  • Sick time
  • Vacation time
  • Company bonuses
  • Retirement plans


Your career growth potential is unlimited as there will always be a need for nationally certified phlebotomists. The personal benefits cannot be overlooked either.

Additional Benefits

Your non-financial and personal benefits are just as important as your salary. What is important to you?


  • Short training programs
  • A profession that is always in demand
  • Engaging patient interaction
  • Flexible hours and settings
  • The knowledge that you are helping others


These are but a few benefits that keep phlebotomy a satisfying career. Phlebotomy technicians are in high demand, and it is likely that demand will keep rising in the coming years. Phlebotomists play an important part in the U.S. healthcare system. PTS will help you get started with a career in health care.

How Can We Help You Become a Phlebotomist?

PTS is registered with the Illinois Board of Higher Education. PTS’s training program is formally recognized by the state of Illinois. Our program provides 48 hours of intensive book and laboratory instruction, including the exciting VeinViewer  technology. PTS aims to prepare students for a successful and exciting career in phlebotomy. 


The hands-on venipuncture experience will allow you to partner with professionals in clinical settings. Our training program will prepare you for your career and get you ready to take the national phlebotomy certification exam. We are one of the few training centers that offer VeinViewer technology training to our students. 


Training Locations

There are three current training locations in Chicago:


  • Chicago
  • Chicago North at Schaumburg
  • Chicago South  at Palos Heights


Phlebotomy Training Specialists certified by the Private Business and Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. PTS is not accredited by the National Department of Education.


Class Information for Our Chicago Locations

Training is offered full- or part-time with flexible class schedules on days, evenings, and weekends. Full-time classes are in 4-hour daily increments (including breaks). Part-time weekend classes are 8.5 hours and include lunch and short breaks.

You must have a high-school diploma or GED in order to enroll in the PTS program. Application deadlines can be found in the PTS course catalog.


Your Cost to Attend Phlebotomy Training Specialists

At PTS, we work hard to keep our training affordable and accessible. In Illinois, you will pay less than $1200 for your registration, training, books, and national exam fee. We also offer financing options to our students. 


Your Phlebotomy Credentials

Just because you complete the certification course doesn’t mean that you are a certified phlebotomist. This is why we require you to take the national exam on the final day of the course. If you don’t pass the national certification exam, you can take it again at our expense. Once you pass your national phlebotomy exam, you are ready for hire.


Your Job Duties as a Phlebotomy Technician

Particular job duties vary depending on where you work. Basic duties, however, include:


  • Meeting and greeting patients
  • Verifying patient identity
  • Explaining what you will be doing for patients
  • Drawing blood and other required testing


Blood and other specimen draws must be properly prepared and labeled for in-house or external laboratory testing. It is important that you always maintain your work area and equipment after each patient.


Your National Certification Exam

Once you have successfully completed our training program, you will have a choice of which national certification exam to take on the last day of class. You can take either the National Healthcare Certification Organization (NHCO) exam or the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) exam.


Recertification Requirements

Like all healthcare professionals, practicing phlebotomists must take continuing education credits to be recertified. You must be recertified every two years. Recertification exams are administered by the NHCO.


Get Started Today

Phlebotomy Training Specialists is a leader in the field of phlebotomy training. Our training courses are proven to give students the tools they need to succeed in their careers. We understand that a career in health care may seem out of reach for some people. However, at PTS, we strive to make careers in medicine accessible and affordable for everyone.

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