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Oregon Phlebotomy Certification Class

48 Hours In Class

Class Structure:

  1. 48 hours of book and intensive hands on phlebotomist training
  2. National Exam given during last class

Phlebotomy Training Specialists program is 48 hours in length, during which time you will receive all of the book and hands-on training that you need to be ready for the workforce right out of class. The hands-on training, lab processing, quantity of blood draws, VeinViewer usage, coupled with amazing trainers and just the right amount of book training, ensures you will be successful.


This is a fast-paced learning environment, but students always have the option to return to the class or attend alternate classes, free of charge once they have completed the class and attended one time. If you fail the National Examination in this state, we will pay for you to take it a second time, which is just like a pass guarantee. Enroll today in the most exciting and energetic Phlebotomy Training class in America.

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What is a Phlebotomist?

A phlebotomist is a medical professional who takes a patient’s blood sample and labels it accordingly. These specialists also help doctors diagnose patients and identify underlying issues by testing the samples collected.  Phlebotomists use various tools to draw blood and test it. These tools include syringes, multi-sample blood collection needles, blood culture bottles, collection tubes, and tourniquets.


To be a phlebotomist in Oregon, you must be 18 years or older. In addition, you must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. Most importantly, you must enroll in a reputable training facility like Phlebotomy Training Specialists and pass the National Exam.  


Reasons to Become a Phlebotomist

Consider pursuing a phlebotomist career for the following reasons:


High demand

Statistics project that the employment of phlebotomists will grow 22% in the next decade (from 2020 to 2030). Plus, during this period, approximately 19,500 opportunities in this field will crop up yearly, on average. That means the demand for phlebotomists is soaring.


The trend is unlikely to reverse because health practitioners will always require blood samples for analysis and diagnosis.


Competitive Salaries

Choosing a career that pays well is crucial.  Fortunately, phlebotomy compensates its professionals well. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median pay for phlebotomists in 2021 was $37,380.  These experts made approximately $17.97 per hour in that year.


Although phlebotomy offers competitive salaries, the exact amount you will make depends on your position, experience, and education level.



Most employers offer phlebotomists flexible working hours. For instance, you may choose to work the conventional 9-5, go overnight, or start early in the morning. Since different environments will need your services, employers may let you select fitting schedules and work as many hours as possible.


Moreover, different areas, ranging from the smallest towns to large cities, need phlebotomists. Therefore, working anywhere won’t be an issue if you choose this career.   


Job Security

Most people fear losing their jobs, and with good reason. Unemployment has many adverse social and personal effects. These include poverty, financial distress, stigma, social isolation, self-esteem erosion, and family tensions.


You can avoid such problems by becoming a phlebotomist. A career in phlebotomy provides excellent job security. considering that medical laboratories and healthcare facilities always need experts that can collect blood for testing.



If you seek a fulfilling career, try becoming a phlebotomist. Working in this industry lets you help other people and save lives by drawing blood and testing illnesses. Plus, your job helps patients that need donations and illnesses.


Phlebotomists also work with diverse professionals and clients from facilities like nursing homes, blood banks, emergency clinics, and private practices. That facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills and improves overall well-being.


Exciting Environment

Some jobs are monotonous and extremely boring. And chronic boredom at work often has damaging consequences, especially to your health. This issue can lead to depression, drug addiction, and alcoholism, among other problems.


If you prefer working in an exciting environment, enroll in a phlebotomy program. This career will expose you to many positive challenges. For instance, clinical laboratories may hire your services during natural disasters and medical crises. And immersing yourself in such environments helps you see life in a different light and build resilience.


Most phlebotomy technicians also never get bored because they interact with other medical professionals in busy environments. In addition, they meet different patients daily and encounter unique personalities, which staves off monotony.  


Train with the Experts

Training is a prerequisite to becoming a certified phlebotomist. At Phlebotomy Training Specialists, we offer phlebotomy classes that ensure participants perform outstandingly in the Phlebotomy field. Our course covers all essential subjects and takes 48 hours only!


We offer day, evening, and weekend classes for students in Oregon, and our specialists provide hands-on training opportunities. Our locations in the State of Oregon include Beaverton, Portland, and Salem.

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