Our Phlebotomy Training Testimonials

I have attended CNA, MA, and other Phlebotomy courses, and I can honestly say, that this course at PTS, is the best medically related course that I have ever attended. More information, more hands on, and by far, the most unbelievable experience I have had to date in the medical industry.

Amy R.

Stacy M. Before taking the class and doing the externship in California, I had never even held a needle and had no idea how to draw blood. After going through the class with Lucy, I felt very comfortable with doing blood draws. I am amazed at how much she was able to teach in such a short period of time, and the hands on learning at this school is INCREDIBLE! Overall it has been an amazing experience, and I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to be a Phlebotomist!


Dave H. Incredible! nothing compares!! These guys know everything about Phlebotomy and training Phlebotomists. The staff are incredible, and have SO MUCH knowledge it’s almost unreal. This is truly a breeding ground for great Phlebotomists. You cannot be disappointed by training with PTS!


Nanette C. This class is incredibly comprehensive and the opportunity for hands on experience on the second day is invaluable. I don’t think I could have found a better class if I had searched for months. Thanks!!


Melissa J. What an unbelievable experience, I recommend PTS to anyone wanting to learn Phlebotomy, these guys are unbelievable. Everything they told me I would see, I saw. Including allowing me to draw blood with the biggest needle I could find. I would have paid double for what I got, an experience I will never forget.

I recommend this class because of the relaxed yet professional atmosphere. I wasn’t afraid to make mistakes because they were treated as learning/teaching opportunities. The staff instilled total confidence in me.

Lorrie R.

Barbara H. I was so pleased with the amount of actual experience drawing blood. I feel confident in being a phlebotomist after 3 days of intensive hands on training. I would recommend this course to my friends, which I have already done.


Debra B. I highly recommend Phlebotomy Training Specialists. I learned by hands on experience and the classroom instruction was very informative and fun. The atmosphere is very comfortable and you feel very successful.


Lori B. This course was very informative. I had so much fun while learning. I thought that we had so many opportunities to learn on the teachers and the other students. I feel VERY confident and comfortable to perform blood draws. I was shocked at how many blood draws we were able to do in class. My internship was also wonderful, I drew babies, adults and as fast as I could finish one, the next was ready, what an unbelievable experience.


Jamie H. The phlebotomy course was great, the curriculum was straight forward, and the time actually performing blood draws was very beneficial.

This course offers much more experience doing actual blood draws. Students finish this course feeling a great degree of confidence in their skills. The follow up support is wonderful. A student can come back as often as needed to refresh their skills and knowledge with no additional cost.

Marie O.

Lindsee J. The course was great. It was fun and we got a lot of experience. Thanks Guys !! I am confident that we will do a good job wherever we work. I was shocked that the staff members let us stick them so many times, Unbelievable!


Chenille W. I got my money’s worth from this class. The instructors really know what they are doing and truly care.


Georgia C. The class was very informative. The instructors were all very helpful. It made it easier to learn because of the comfort level in the class.


Eduardo P. I was lucky to find you guys !! I enjoy every minute due to the fact that your faculty members are knowledgeable and understanding. They gave me all the confidence I needed to complete the course and get my certification.


You guys were great, I really appreciate everything. I have learned a lot and it will help me in my nursing career. Your idea of just the right amount of book training and a ton of hands on training is a great idea.

Desiree P.

Erin L. I really liked this class, everyone was so helpful and nice. It really put me at ease about something that I was so nervous about.


Stacie D. The class is comfortable. If your afraid the instructors make you feel like you’re the only one in the class. They talk you through every blood draw. This class was a lot of fun!

Nikole T. All I have to say is this. I was aggressive in class, and before I was done, I had performed 91 blood draws in 2 nights, all this before my internship even started. Unbelievable experience, you won’t be disappointed.


Rebecca P. You can ask all the questions you want and get an answer right then. All the instructors were incredible, not too preachy, casual enough training but still professional. Lots of laughs and EXTREMELY hands on.

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