About Phlebotomy Training Specialists

Phlebotomy Training Specialists was founded in 1993 when Brian Treu, our founder, identified a need for more detailed, hands on training.


On February 3rd 1993 Phlebotomy Training Specialists was created to service the needs of students who in their travels had not received Phlebotomy training at all, or who had received very little Phlebotomy training as part of another course or program.

Brian knew that the success of PTS was due largely in part to focusing on the hands on approach to Phlebotomy.  He understood that all the “book knowledge” in the world would never get blood out of an arm.


As the years passed PTS has focused on giving students real world knowledge by employing  instructors who had vast and varied experience working in Phlebotomy during the day, and training others in their craft when they were not working.


After 24 years of teaching Phlebotomy, learning and fine-tuning the tricks of the trade the students who train with Phlebotomy Training Specialists are some of the most proficient Phlebotomists in the world.

Phlebotomy is an art, an ability, and a skill that when properly taught by qualified individuals to receptive students can make those students incredibly successful on day one in the workforce.  PTS does this using state of the art training techniques and equipment, such as the VeinViewer, to quickly get students comfortable with the procedure.


After just over 24 years of training in excess of 100,000 students, Phlebotomy Training Specialists is one of the largest stand-alone Phlebotomy Training programs in the world.

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