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Nevada Phlebotomy Certification Class

120-Hour Phlebotomy Training & Certification Class

Licensed to operate by the Commission on Postsecondary Education

Class Structure:

  1. 40 hours of didactic in class phlebotomist training.
  2. National Exam – scheduled at your convenience after you complete class.
  3. 80 hour externship scheduled after you get your exam results (Completions in two (2) consecutive work weeks 8-4 or 9-5, NO WEEKEND TIMES)
  4. All paperwork will be uploaded to student portal for processing.
  5. Apply for License through Division of Behavioral Health.
The Phlebotomy class in Nevada is a fast-paced, dynamic environment. The completion of this class will qualify you to obtain your state license from the Division of Behavioral Health. Upon completion of the 40 hours of in-class book and hands-on training, you will take the National CPT (Certified Phlebotomy Technician) examination through the National Healthcareer Association.


After you pass the exam, you will be given the approval to select your 80-hour Clinical Experience. PTS maintains active externship contracts statewide ensuring you can get in and done as quickly as possible. Upon completion of the exam, PTS will give you step by step instructions to obtain your Nevada state license.


Our phlebotomy training course will give you hands-on training on how to draw blood and teach you the skills you need to pass the National CPT exam. In our Phlebotomy courses, students are trained to become competent for an entry-level position as a Phlebotomist Technician in the medical field. Our Phlebotomy training program in Nevada will help you get your license so that you can get a full-time job as a Phlebotomist in Nevada. Phlebotomy Training Specialists have day, evening, and weekend classes. All locations have hands-on training using VeinViewer technology.

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Current Training Locations:

Are you ready to take a positive step for your future? Is it time for you to stop working at a job with no future and begin a career? The medical field is growing in demand each year, and it’s always looking for new professionals. Phlebotomy training in Nevada can give you a start in the right direction. 


From the office of a general practitioner to an urgent care facility, almost every type of medical facility has a phlebotomist on staff to take the blood necessary to make a diagnosis. Phlebotomy training in Nevada is the first step to making a big difference in the rest of your life. 


What Are the Requirements for a Phlebotomist in Nevada? 

When you live in Nevada, you will find that it’s only one of four states that require certification to work as a phlebotomist. You’ll need to meet certain requirements to get your certification before beginning your new career, and these include:


  • High school diploma or the GED equivalent
  • Apply for state licensure with the Department of Public and Behavioral Health. Requirements:
    • 40 hours of learning in a classroom setting
    • 80 hours of learning in a lab setting
    • 30 blood draws and 10 capillary sticks
    • Complete minimum draw requirement (30 venipunctures and 10 capillary sticks)
    • Pass the NHA exam

Phlebotomy training in Nevada is essential to get your certification and become successful in your newly chosen career path. You can find a program that benefits you and offers to teach you the skills you need to sail through the certification process. 


What Are the Benefits of a Career in Phlebotomy? 

As you consider a career in phlebotomy, you need to know that you are making the best choice for your future. There are many options available to you, and you want to learn more about the benefits that come with a career in phlebotomy. You can enjoy many benefits, such as:


  • A career that helps others: When you choose a career in the medical field, you’re choosing to help others at a time in their life when they need care and compassion. A career in phlebotomy is one way to make a difference in your community. 
  • Enjoy better pay and benefits: It seems like everyday things get a little more expensive, and you need a well-paying job with benefits. When you work as a phlebotomist, you can expect a salary of $17.97 per hour or $37,380 per year
  • Dependable growth: Before entering any field, you want to know that there are positions now and in the future. With phlebotomy, you’re entering a profession that’s expected to realize a 22 percent job growth in the next 10 years. 


You will enjoy many benefits when you opt to move forward with a career in phlebotomy. 

Benefits of Taking Classes With Phlebotomy Training Specialists

Your new career starts with finding the phlebotomy technician program in Nevada that helps you succeed and pass your certification exam. It’s an important decision that affects the rest of your life. Here are a few of the benefits of taking classes at Phlebotomy Training Specialists:


  • Convenient location: Phlebotomy Training Specialists offers convenient locations in Las Vegas and Reno for you to attend your classes. 
  • Dedicated staff: When you choose to take your classes with Phlebotomy Training Specialists, you will enjoy the benefits of a staff that makes a difference. Every member of staff is ready to help you move forward in your training and cares about your future. 
  • Approved by several national organizations: You will be pleased to learn that our classes are approved by several of the national organizations in phlebotomy. These include:
    • NHA – National Healthcareer Association
    • NHCO – National Healthcare Certification Organization
    • NCCT – National Centers for Competency Testing

To pass your certification exam, you will need to complete a program that offers you the best chance at success. In this program, you will find your advantage in starting your career. 

Phlebotomy Training Classes in Nevada

Finding the right phlebotomy training program in Nevada makes the difference in your overall success in your new field. Phlebotomy Training Specialists offers classes in Las Vegas and Reno.


The program at this location is comprehensive and begins with 40 hours of didactic in-class instruction. When you’re done with the classroom training, you will sit for the national exam. With a passing grade on the exam, you’ll begin and complete 80 hours of externship that you complete over a two-week period. 


Start Your Career in Phlebotomy Today

When you are ready to take the first step into your career, you want to make sure that it is the right one. Phlebotomy Training Specialists is the phlebotomy training in Nevada that can help you on your way. 

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