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Minneapolis St. Paul
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Minnesota Phlebotomy Certification Class

48 Hours In Class

Class Structure:

  1. 48 hours of book and intensive hands on phlebotomist training
  2. National Exam given during last class

Phlebotomy Training Specialists program is 48 hours in length, during which time you will receive all of the book and hands-on training that you need to be ready for the workforce right out of class. The hands-on training, lab processing, quantity of blood draws, VeinViewer usage, coupled with amazing trainers and just the right amount of book training, ensures you will be successful.


This is a fast-paced learning environment, but students always have the option to return to the class or attend alternate classes free of charge once they have completed the class and attended one time. If you fail the National Examination in this state, we will pay for you to take it a second time, which is just like a pass guarantee. Enroll today in the most exciting and energetic Phlebotomy Training class in America.

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Are you tired of working a dead-end job and making minimum wage? Are you looking for a better opportunity to make more income and enjoy great benefits? When you opt for a phlebotomy program in Minnesota, you take your first step in a wonderful career. 


You’ll find that many medical facilities in your area are looking to hire a certified phlebotomist. You can launch your new career with the right phlebotomy program in Minnesota and a little hard work to get your certification. 


What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Career in Phlebotomy? 

It takes courage and conviction to make a change in your life and to begin learning a new skill at any age. You always strive to make the best choices for your future, but how do you know that a career in phlebotomy is the right move? Here are a few benefits you can enjoy:


  • Generous salary and benefits: You can expect to earn an average of $17.97 per hour or $37,380 per year. This depends on your location and the opportunities available in your area. 
  • Easy to find a position: The demand for medical care continues to grow in the United States. Over the next 10 years, the expected growth for the profession is 22 percent
  • Makes a difference: You want a career that makes a difference to the people you help. As a phlebotomist, you can help people when they’re sick or in need of help. It is a rewarding field. 


Your new career in phlebotomy can help make your life better in many ways.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Phlebotomist in Minnesota? 

While the state of Minnesota doesn’t require you to get a license to practice as a phlebotomist, you do need to be certified if you hope to find a position. Certification needs to come from one of the national professional agencies for phlebotomists. A few of these include:


  • NHCO – National Healthcare Certification Organization
  • NHA – National Healthcareer Association
  • NCCT – National Centers for Competency Testing


Before granting you certification, these professional organizations will want you to pass an exam. Part of the test will be written, while the other part will be a hands-on demonstration of your skills in drawing blood. 

Classes Offered By Phlebotomy Training Specialists in Minnesota

With the prospect of a test looming large on the horizon, you want to find the best phlebotomy classes in Minnesota, so you can pass with ease. You can take classes through Phlebotomy Training Specialist at two locations in Minnesota, including:



The classes include 48 hours of training. You’ll spend your class time learning from books and practicing your new skills with hands-on experience in a lab setting. These comprehensive classes prepare students with everything that they need to know to successfully pass your certification exam and have a good career. 


Benefits of Choosing Phlebotomy Training Specialists for Your Learning Experience

You’re in the process of making many important decisions about your future, and it all starts with the phlebotomy program in Minnesota that you select. When you opt to take classes at Phlebotomy Training Specialists, there are some specific benefits that you’ll enjoy, such as:


  • Holds a seal of approval from some of the national organizations: When it comes time to get your certification, you’ll want to show that you’ve taken classes with an institution approved by the national organizations. 
  • Your choice of locations: There are two locations in the Twin Cities area to make it easy for you to commute. 
  • Committed staff: From the instructors to the person in the bursar’s office, each member of staff is there to help you succeed and meet your goals. When you need help or have questions, you’ll always find a caring member of staff to help you. 


You’ll need to train for your new position as a phlebotomist before you can take your certification exam. Phlebotomy Training Specialists provides you with the training program that sets students up for success as they start their new careers in health care. 


Start Your Future in Phlebotomy Today 

Are you ready to take the first step into the new phase of your life? With the best phlebotomy program offered in Minnesota, you’ll have the knowledge and skills that medical facilities need. Phlebotomy Training Specialists offers the classes and support you need to succeed. 


You’ll discover their schedule of classes and dedicated staff can help you excel in your studies and earn your certification as a phlebotomist in Minnesota. We’re always ready to answer your questions and help you sign up for the program. 

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A school must not:
(1) refuse to provide a transcript for a current or former student because the student owes a debt to the school if:
(i) the debt owed is less than $250;
(ii) the student has entered into and, as determined by the institution, is in compliance with a payment plan with the school;
(iii) the transcript request is made by a prospective employer for the student; or
(iv) the school has sent the debt for repayment to the Department of Revenue or to a collection agency, as defined in section 332.31, subdivision 3, external to the institution; or
(2) charge an additional or a higher fee for obtaining a transcript or provide less favorable treatment of a transcript request because a student owes a debt to the originating school.

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