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Kentucky Phlebotomy Certification Class

48 Hours In Class

Class Structure:

  1. 48 hours of book and intensive hands on phlebotomist training
  2. National Exam given during last class

Phlebotomy Training Specialists program is 48 hours in length, during which time you will receive all of the book and hands on training that you need to be ready for the workforce right out of class. The hands on training, lab processing, quantity of blood draws, VeinViewer usage, coupled with amazing trainers and just the right amount of book training, ensures you will be successful. This is a fast paced learning environment, but students always have the option to return to the class, or attend alternate classes, free of charge once they have completed the class and attended one time. If you fail the National Examination in this state, we will pay for you to take it a second time, which is just like a pass guarantee. Enroll today in the most exciting and energetic Phlebotomy Training class in America.

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Phlebotomy Training Specialists is a phlebotomy school offering training in Kentucky and more than 20 other states. We are accredited by the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education (KCPE). Our phlebotomy program is specialized in preparing our students for a successful career in health care. 

Phlebotomy is the practice of puncturing veins to draw blood for medical purposes.


Benefits of a Career in Phlebotomy

Some of the benefits you get with a career in phlebotomy include:


Work Flexibility

As a phlebotomist, you can choose to work long hours on certain days and have more days off in a week. Flexible options are ideal if you want to spend more time with family or find more time to do other things.


Low Entry Barriers

There are very few prerequisites to starting a career in phlebotomy. You only have to be above 18 years in most states and have a high school diploma or equivalent. 

Other requirements to ensure patient safety include a clean criminal record, negative Tuberculosis (TB) and Hepatitis test, and updated immunization records.


Higher Job Satisfaction

Working as a Phlebotomy technician, you’ll be part of a critical team working to diagnose patients from all walks of life. In essence, your work is crucial in saving or making someone else’s life better, and you should be proud of that.


Chance of Higher Pay

For an entry-level position, you can make at least $35,000 as a phlebotomist. Your salary is likely to increase as you gain experience and build your resume.


Relatively Short Training and Certification Period

Phlebotomy training is easily one of the shortest options available in Kentucky. At Phlebotomy Training Specialists, you only have to complete 48 hours of training to qualify for your certification exam. Once you pass the certification exam, you can immediately start working as a Phlebotomy technician.


Low Training Costs

Training costs to become a phlebotomist are vastly less compared to other roles in the medical field. On average, the costs for phlebotomy training may range between $350 and $3000. 


High Work Variety

Each day in the work of a phlebotomist is different, and you can never get bored. You’ll come across different work scenarios, meet different patients, and gain new experiences. 


Classes Offered by Phlebotomy Training Specialists in Kentucky

Phlebotomy Training Specialists offer training in the Certified Phlebotomy Technician Program (CPT-1).  All our classes are theoretical, with a strong emphasis on practical training. You can expect to practice all you learn in class with your classmates and instructors. 

Phlebotomy Certification Requirements in Kentucky

The primary requirements for phlebotomy certification in Kentucky are:


  • A candidate should be at least 18 years old during training and when taking the certification test.
  • A candidate should have proof of high school graduation like a high school diploma, GED, or an equivalent.


The other requirements include:


  • Completing theoretical and practical training from a Phlebotomy training institution accredited by Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education (KCPE).
  • Successfully passing the phlebotomy certification exam offered by the National Healthcare Certification Organization (NHCO) or its equivalent.
  • Valid immunization records.
  • No felony record. Phlebotomists must pass a background check. 
  • Negative TB and Hepatitis tests.


There are other Phlebotomy certification exams available in Kentucky, such as:


  • Phlebotomy certification is offered by the National Phlebotomy Association.
  • The Phlebotomy exam is offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology.
  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician Exam offered by the National Healthcare Association.
  • Phlebotomy Technician Exam offered by the National Center Competency Testing.

What Are the Benefits of Training Phlebotomy With Phlebotomy Training Specialists?

Phlebotomy Training Specialists was founded with the goal of delivering thorough and more practical training to all of its students. Our goal is to deliver the clinical experience needed to ensure our students excel in their careers as phlebotomists.


Some of the benefits our students enjoy include:


  • Access to VeinViewer. Our students are trained in the use of VeinViewer. VeinViewer is a tool used to map out a patient’s blood vessels in real-time. VeinViewer is costly, and not all training institutions have it for training purposes.
  • Pass guarantee. Phlebotomy Training Specialists deliver the best training to ensure all students pass their certification exams. We currently have the highest exam pass rate in the country. If a student fails their exam, we’ll pay their exam retake fees.
  • Career and interview advice. Our phlebotomy school strives to ensure all students who successfully complete our program are hired by the best employers. While we do not have job placements, our instructors offer free career and interview tips. We work with students to increase our student’s chances of finding the best jobs.
  • Flexible payment options. This is to accommodate all students if you cannot pay the fees outright.


Start Your Future in Phlebotomy Today

Becoming a phlebotomist will enable you to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. It will also earn you a decent income and open the door to more advanced careers in medicine. Phlebotomy Training Specialists offer the best phlebotomy training and certification in Kentucky.

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