The Red Cross Wants To Help Continue Your Education

The Red Cross Wants To Help Continue Your Education

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Have you heard of the American Red Cross’s innovative educational platform? Introducing SUCCESS. It is designed for healthcare professionals specializing in transfusion medicine, a.k.a. phlebotomists! If you’re hearing about SUCCESS for the first time, prepare to uncover a resource that could transform your career.


SUCCESS stands for “Series of Unique, Creative Continuing Education Self-Study Programs.” It is a learning initiative that caters to the continuous educational needs of those in the field of phlebotomy. Moreover, it’s an online portal providing knowledge through various learning formats.

What It Offers

SUCCESS has many learning tools to help you grow in your medical career. For example, here are some of the wonderful things you’ll have access to:

Interactive Webinars

Join monthly webinars with top experts for live discussions and, therefore, the latest insights into transfusion medicine.

A Community of Experts

Joining SUCCESS connects you with a nationwide community of professionals, subsequently broadening your network and perspectives.

Custom Learning Paths

SUCCESS recognizes your unique needs and, therefore, lets you pick courses that fit your interests and goals.

Valuable Certifications

Finish courses and earn necessary certifications, which are, indeed, crucial for your professional status and growth.

Premier Publications

Get exclusive access to top journals like the Immunohematology Journal, keeping you updated on the latest research.

SUCCESS program

How SUCCESS Benefits You

SUCCESS enhances your knowledge, grows your skills, and helps you keep up with the latest developments in your field. It’s your gateway to excellence, offering flexible learning, networking, and career-building opportunities.

    • Expand Your Knowledge: Keep up with the newest practices to improve patient care and also commit to lifelong learning.
    • Learn on Your Schedule: Take advantage of learning at a pace that fits your life and work balance.
    • Build Connections: Meet and collaborate with leading professionals, hence opening new doors and possibilities.
    • Advance Your Career: Use the credits you earn from SUCCESS to advance while keeping your certifications.


Looking Ahead

The American Red Cross is dedicated to enhancing SUCCESS. Currently, for staff at affiliated hospitals, the program may soon grow to include more medical professionals.


In conclusion, no matter where you are in your transfusion medicine career, SUCCESS has many resources to support your growth. For more information and to start your journey, check out the American Red Cross website. Happy learning!