What do Phlebotomists Dress up as for Halloween? Some Phlebotomist-inspired Halloween Costumes

What do Phlebotomists Dress up as for Halloween? Some Phlebotomist-inspired Halloween Costumes

From Denver to LA to the East coast, coming up with a unique Halloween costume that has never been done before always seems to be a challenge. Either someone else has already had the idea or your costume is so arcane that no one really gets who/what you are.


Halloween can be fun for phlebotomists!

But you’re a phlebotomist! Blood is typically a common theme for many Halloween parties, so why not incorporate that into your costume. Below are some phlebotomy-inspired costumes to get your blood going.

Coming up with a costume that no one else has can be extremely difficult. It may seem like each year you and all of Denver are wearing the same thing that you thought was a clever idea. With these phlebotomist-inspired Halloween costume ideas, your favorite night of frights will definitely be much more unique than anyone else’s.

phlebotomy inspired costume for halloween  PhleBATomist

To the Bloodmobile! This one might need some explanation for other Halloween partiers, but hey, Halloween only comes once a year. What could be more fitting for Halloween than bats and blood? Well, a bat that draws blood as its occupation as a phlebotomy specialist, naturally.

For this costume, all you need is a bat costume, scrubs, and some fake blood. You just might win the prize for “most original costume.”

vampire phlebotomist costume for halloween

“I want to draw your blood!”

Vampire Disguised as a Phlebotomist

Imagine a vampire attending phlebotomy classes in order to cause havoc in booming cities like Denver.

To cleverly be a vampire in disguise, start with a pale face, slicked-back hair, pointy teeth, and scrubs. You could even walk around dropping cheesy one-liners like, “I want to draw your blood.”

sexy phlebotomist costume for halloween  Sexy Phlebotomist

When all else fails, you could go the low-maintenance route and try to make an unforgettable crash at your Halloween party as the “sexy phlebotomist.”

you can't scare phlebotomists on halloween!