Phlebotomy School Graduation Party Ideas

Phlebotomy School Graduation Party Ideas

If you or a loved one has recently graduated from a phlebotomy training school, it’s time to party. Throwing a phlebotomy-themed celebration is the perfect way to commemorate such a significant achievement.

Themed parties are all the rage, but you’d probably be hard-pressed to find phlebotomy-themed party supplies at your local store. Phlebotomy schools are fully stocked with the tools required to draw blood, but your craft station probably isn’t.

No fear, most of the following decorating ideas can be created with common household items. Any required medical supplies, such as scrubs and hospital bracelets, can be found fairly cheaply online.

Fake Blood Drawing Kit

Set the proper mood with fake blood drawing kits at each place setting. Mirror a kit you would find in phlebotomy schools by filling a tray with a hospital band with the guest’s name written on it, a small paper cup filled with pill-shaped candies, a plastic specimen cup and a large syringe filled with something sweet and creamy, like Nutella.

Test Tube Vases

Test tubes are perfect vases for single blood-red roses and larger beakers can hold full arrangements to liven up the space.

Cotton” Sterilizing Pads

Further, decorate the space with jars of cotton sterilizing pads. Place white cotton candy loosely pulled apart in labeled jars. 

Candy Plasma

While you might not be able to find this particular candy at your local candy store, vials of candy plasma can be purchased online. Plasma has never looked so yummy.

Blood Punch

Taste of Home has the perfect recipe for a phlebotomy-themed party: Blood Orange Punch. The drink is a mix of cranberry juice, lemon juice, sugar, and blood orange Italian soda.

Ketchup Syringes

If you’re serving hot dogs, burgers or anything that may require ketchup, continue the theme by filling syringes with ketchup. Place the syringes in a bowl of ketchup, labeled with blood type for easy refills, of course.

Blood Cell Desert

Create red blood cell cupcakes for dessert by adding red food coloring to white cupcake mix. Top the cupcakes with red icing and red M&M’s or Red Hots to complete the look.

Pill Caddy

Treat your guests to a fun party favor that they can take home. A days-of-the-week pill caddy filled with seven different candies is a great favor idea.

These fun phlebotomy-themed party ideas are sure to make your party a success—you’ll be the envy of graduates from phlebotomy schools from California to the Big Apple.